NAC Construction provides the highest quality product and service to our clients. We pursue projects deemed productive and profitable in all sectors. We continually strive to maintain a work environment in which both company and personal growth will be cultivated and achieved.

NAC Construction is a 100% self-performing heavy highway contractor and provides certified services in heavy highway, site development, roads & intersections, grading, paving, underground utilities, water, sewer storm drain systems, structural concrete, parking lots & curbing. NAC Construction specializes in completing projects in environmentally sensitive areas.

Roads, Bridges and Dams

NAC Construction builds roads and performs infrastructure work for public agencies and private developments, including these typical services:

Whatever the road or bridge, whatever the size or scope, our forces are ready to mobilize to complete the task.

Utility Work

NAC Construction performs utility work, including, but not limited to:

Site Work

NAC Construction provides a complete turn-key site package with in-house and subcontracted services. Here’s a list of the typical services we provide:

Whether the site is 5 or 500 acres, one small building or a complete campus, 100 feet of roadway and utility services or miles of infrastructure, our teams and our expertise will exceed your requirements.

Asphalt Paving

NAC Construction works together with commercial builders, residential builders, property managers and building owners. We provide pavement specialists to help determine the proper solutions. Whether it is patching, overlays, complete removal and replacement or new construction, base & pave. We are here to assist with the proper solution for your pavement needs.

Structural Concrete

Retaining walls to box culverts, noise abatement walls to foundations. Our expertise allows us the ability to construct any type of structure from concrete to structural steel, from pile foundations to above ground walls. In addition, this vast experience provides us the capability to not only design it, build it, but most importantly understand how to integrate the project with the community. We create structures that provide drainage or pathways for streams and rivers to those that provide safe passage for pedestrians above or below the roadways it crosses. Our structures provide and protect our means of travel, our communities and provide the pathways for public agencies to deliver critical utilities to the point of usage.

100% Self-Performing

As a self-performing contractor with trusted and proven professionals who work well as a team, we can be more proactive at anticipating and resolving construction issues because we are performing the critical tasks.

This approach also ensures greater quality assurance, better communication, control over the schedule, cost savings and efficient utilization of manpower and machinery.

Competitive Bid and Negotiated

We serve owners on competitive bid projects where we begin building at the completion of the design phase and negotiated projects where we work with the owners and the design team during preconstruction to identify changes and cost saving opportunities.